The work never ends on a farm!
During the winter we protect the fields with wire to keep the deer out. 

Our story began in 2011 with an original 64 mature blueberry bushes, a house and about 7 acres of wooded land. Keith started with a chainsaw, a 4-wheeler and a dream. With no farm equipment or solid knowledge on where to start, Keith reached out to the Sullivan County UNH Farm Extension folks for their invaluable guidance.

The first few years were exhausting, rewarding, and fulfilling. One field at time, Keith meticulously cleared, stumped, and tilled. With the help of many great friends and family, he planted 400 bushes at the time, starting mostly by hand. In 2018, Kristy happily joined Keith’s labor of love. 

Since then a total of around 2000 blueberry bushes of 14 different varieties have found their home in four fields. We have added two high tunnel greenhouses for produce, irrigation systems, weather stations, overhead netting, a chicken sanctuary, and a farm store. Every year we add new things to maximize our growing space, blending pleasing aesthetics into our edible landscape. Our upcoming expansion projects for 2023 include pick-your-own strawberry and pumpkin fields, huge garlic beds, new pear trees in our orchard, and expanded offerings in our farm store.

Kristy & Keith Brodeur Owners & Farmers

Kristy & Keith 

We enact our farming philosophy to minimize impact on the land by educating ourselves and implementing innovative, earth-friendly technologies. We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to manage pests in ways that minimize risks to our health and the environment. We have weather stations and soil monitors in place to help us monitor the land and were one of the first farms in the state to trial a new type of exclusion netting to keep pests out of our blueberry fields without spraying.

We are delighted to share the legacy we are building with you and your family to offer the best tasting, nourishing and amazing local food grown by farmers who love and dedicate their life to the craft.

We look forward to seeing you on the farm!

We are proud to be a first generation farm in the great state of New Hampshire

The farm has become the center of our dreams and we love it.